Dashing Rambabu 2019 Hindi Dubbed 720p 480p HDRip Full Movie Download

Dashing Rambabu 2019 Hindi | 720p | 480p | HDRip | 300MB | Full Movie Download

Title: Dashing Rambabu 2019 (Ungarala Rambabu)
IMDB: 2.9/10
14 Feb 2019 (Dubbed)
Duration: 2h 3min
Director: Kranthi Madhav
Music : Mohamaad Ghibran
Stars: Prakash Raj, Sunil, Miya


Dashing Rambabu 2019 Hindi Dubbed 720p 480p Full Movie Download

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Dashing Rambabu 2019 Hindi Dubbed 720p 480p x264 Full Movie

Movie Plot: Ram Babu(Sunil) is a rich man who loses everything after his grand father’s death. Left with no choice, he visits Badam Baba(Posani) for some solace. Upon his suggestion, Ram Babu goes to a barren land and starts planting a tree. To his luck, he finds gold biscuits worth 200 crores and he, once again becomes rich. This incident makes him a strong believer in astrology. But as time passes, he starts incurring losses in his business. Once again, the baba asks him to marry a certain girl(Miya George) in his office to become safe in life. The twist is the tale arises when Ram Babu is pit against the girl’s dad(Prakash Raj) who is a communist in nature. Rest of the story is as to how Ram Babu wins his love and becomes successful in life.

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